Monterey Concierge Medicine offers a fresh perspective on maintaining your health.  We believe that maintaining your health should be an enjoyable and convenient experience. Our patients enjoy the convenience of no wait time, blood work done in the comfort of our office, and visits that are as long or as short as you need. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our patients with direct access to our doctor. Primary care, personalized to fit your lifestyle and your needs.


Dr. Banerjee has had the distinction of providing comprehensive, world-class health care services at some of the nation’s leading technology companies for many years, including Apple, Facebook, and Applied Materials.  He has extensive experience in executive wellness, travel medicine, and occupational medicine, providing exceptional, personalized healthcare tailored to each patient’s specific needs.  Dr. Banerjee is currently accepting a limited number of concierge patients.

Dr. Banerjee completed his bachelor’s in engineering at Baylor University in 1995 and, after working in industry, completed a master’s in engineering at the University of Cincinnati in 2003.  In 2006, he completed his Medical Doctorate at Wright State University School of Medicine.  He moved to Sacramento for his Family Medicine Residency at University of California, Davis, completed in 2009.  He is licensed to practice medicine in the state of California and board-certified in Family Medicine.

In his spare time, Dr. Banerjee enjoys spending time with his wife and children, exercising, playing music, and working on software and hardware electrical engineering projects.


Dr. Banerjee has been trained in family medicine and enjoys caring for individuals from birth to their mature years.

Three levels of service:

  • A la carte services:
    Rates for visits: Office visits are billed in half-hour increments, at $100 per half-hour. A typical annual physical will take approximately 1 1/2 hours, including labwork, and labwork done in the office is at additional cost. A typical single problem visit would usually take 1/2 hour. Procedures are billed at same, hourly rate, but with an additional flat fee for the supplies used. Bill must be settled at the end of the visit. Payment is accepted by Cash/Credit/Check and a superbill can be mailed to your insurance at your request at time of visit.
    Labs and testing: In-office available include Hgb, HgbA1c, Urinalysis, Cholesterol, Metabolic Panel, EKG, billed at cost. For send-out labs and radiology, a requisition form will be sent to the lab. Patient might be required to make an additional office visit to discuss results after labwork or radiology being completed. X-rays for ruling out fractures are referred to an orthopedist’s office. Ultrasound, MRI, CT scan are all done primarily at SimonMed, but other facilities can be accommodated. Orders are placed electronically, and scheduling done with those facilities.
    Vaccines and medications: In-office vaccines and medications are billed at the cost of vaccines or medication.
    Click here for price list for in-office vaccines, medications, and tests
    Scheduling: via secure portal. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9AM–2PM, by appointment only.
    Telemedicine: Physician will respond to phone messages and portal messages within 24 hours. Emergencies are referred to the emergency room.
    Referrals: Physician maintains a list of preferred specialists locally and in the bay-area.
  • Gold:
    Rates for visits: Retainer fee $200 per individual per month, and $150 for each additional family member. 10% discount for paying in advance for 1 year. This covers unlimited office visits. A superbill can be mailed to your insurance at your request at time of visit. It is expected to commit to a 1-year subscription.
    Labs and testing: No charge for in-office labs or tests. Blood draws for additional labwork are done in the office at no cost, saving you the hassle of going to the lab.
    Vaccines and medications: No charge for flu shot and TDaP, but any other vaccines are charged at cost. No charge for medications administered or dispensed in the office except Tamiflu.
    Scheduling: via secure portal or by phone. Guaranteed same-day visits and walk-ins accommodated during regular business hours, (Monday-Friday 9AM–2PM). Extended office hours: 7AM to 7PM, by appointment only.
    Telemedicine: Physician is available by phone 24/7/365. Phone messages will be responded to promptly, and portal messages will be responded to within 24 hours.
    ● If you must go to the ER, I will call and discuss your case with the on-duty physician. If you are admitted to the hospital, I will be closely monitoring your care in conjunction with the on-duty hospitalist. I am currently applying for privileges to be a staff physician. If you are a resident of a nursing home, I will see you in that facility.
  • Platinum:
    ● All of the services of Gold level.
    Rates for visits: Retainer fee $800 per individual per month, and $600 for each additional family member. 10% discount for paying in advance for 1 year. This covers unlimited house-calls (within a service area of 20 miles), 24/7/365.
    Labs and testing, vaccines and medications: No charge for any vaccines, medications, or tests done in-office or in the home.
    ● If you are at an emergency room or hospital, I will see you in those locations as needed, but not be the prescribing physician. I will be the primary physician for you at residential care facilities.



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